Are there any visa requirements for Namibia? What is the required validity of your passport when you travel to China? Do you need any vaccination for Malawi? We want you to be well prepared when you start your journey, whether it’s business or leisure. We have some important information selected for you, since good preparation is indispensable!

Visa requirements: We gladly advise on VISA requirements for the country you’ve planned to visit. On request, we manage your visa requirements through a professional VISA Service Agent. Please note that travellers from abroad need to apply personally at the Consulate of the country intended to visit (i.e. the Consulate of Mozambique in Berlin).

Travel with children: South Africa has a new law as from 1. June 2015 regarding traveling with children. Even if both parents are traveling with the child, an unabridged birth certificate or a certified copy thereof, showing the particulars of the parents of the child, must be presented when entering or leaving South Africa. Rather have the copies certified a few weeks before travel as they should be no older than three months prior to date of travel.

Please check with The Department of Home Affairs for any further information and for all details if only one parent is traveling with the child, when divorced families are traveling or if the child is traveling unaccompanied. The law affects all children from 0 to 18 years.

Lounge pass: You might consider to purchasing a lounge pass, giving you access to business lounges in case of long layover times.

Foreign exchange: Please arrange your foreign currency requests with one of our travel consultants. We aim to deliver within 24-hours. This service is subject to certain terms and conditions. Please note the exchange rates given by xe currency converter are indications only and do not include bank commissions.

Travel insurance: We are able to offer travel insurance through our partners Zurich and Regent Insurance. Contact one of our consultants to discuss your best option.

Vaccination and malaria: We gladly advise on vaccinations requested or advised and which areas in which countries need malaria prophylaxe.

For corporate travelers, we offer customized and suggested travel plan aimed at reducing your annual travel expenses, a prompt ticket delivery service, complete management of all your airline loyalty programs, 24-hour emergency customer service, centralised billing and customised management reports for corporate accounts.

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