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Botswana is a country of amazing variety: the Kalahari Desert lies in stark contrast to the lush beauty of the Okavango Delta. You can hardly get closer to the magnificence of nature in its untouched glory than in this country that is passionate about conservation. It’s low-impact, high-cost tourism policy ensures the wilderness remains pristine and exclusive. Meet the Batswana with their courtesy and dignity perfectly matching the beauty of this country.

Okavango Delta is Africa’s unique ecosystem and a flood of life. It is formed by the Okavango river and has less than 2 meters variation in height. The water flows into the Kalahari desert and simply disappears. An abundant oasis amid the vast plains and pans of the desert creating a heaven for wildlife.

Moremi Game Reserve forms a part of the Okavango Delta and was the first such reserve to be created by an African community on its own tribal land. The ancient riverine forests, open savannah, serpentine channels and seasonal floodplains make for a varied habitat and exceptional flora and fauna.

Chobe National Park with the Chobe River in the north, attracting herds of animals. The Savuti area stretches from the Linyanti River to Savuti Marsh with the golden grass of the plains being home to huge packs of lions. The Linyanti part in the west is one of the most remote areas with abundant wildlife and varied habitat.

Makgadikgadi Pans are last vestiges of Africa’s once largest inland lakes and exudes an atmosphere of antiquity and mystery. It includes a multitude of salt pans and vast grassland, dotted by palm islands. Some of the most famous Baobabs grow here.

Kalahari Desert is a thirst land full of life, red dunes covered with grass and tall trees providing shelter. Meet some of the most fascinating people and survivors, the Kalahari Bushman and join them on a walk to listen to their stories and ancient wisdom.

Tsodilo Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a unique religious and spiritual significance to local people and is a unique record of human settlement over many millennia. It contains over 4,500 rock paintings in an area of approximately 10 km².

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique country and introduce you to more wonderful places.

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