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Few countries in Africa can claim such open landscapes; such untamed wilderness; so few people; the oldest desert in the world; a rough and wild coastline; one of Africas’s greatest game park. This arid land full of contrasts is inviting and easy to travel. It is not the right place to get lost in the crowds. Here, the very act of survival can sometimes be an art. And yet, the sheer abundance of variety of wildlife of all sizes is staggering. A top destination for those who enjoy nature, grandiose landscapes, spectacular sand dunes and first-class wildlife viewing.

Windhoek is only a small capital. Its charm lies in the blend of African and European cultures. Neo-baroque cathedral spires as well as seemingly misplaced German castles and monuments melt with Africa of today.

Namib is the world’s oldest living desert and everything you might imagine a real desert to be. It has it all, from rocky stone surfaces to the famous dunes of Sossusvlei, some of the highest in the world. Plus some of the earth’s strangest creatures and plants.

Swakopmund clings to edge of the mighty Atlantic with its infamous Skeleton Coast and the surrounding desert. The charming seaside town with its fine German colonial buildings offers outings for the more or less adventurous in the area, including the visit of the unique Welwitschia Mirabilis.

Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s most spectacular game parks and one of many in Namibia. Sit at a water-hole with binoculars and patience and you will not be disappointed viewing large and small, fierce and gentle, beautiful and ugly animals.

Damaraland has dramatic landscapes of steep valleys and rugged cliffs, stretches of rugged beauty formed by millions of years and plains of silvery-gray shrubs and pioneer grass. See famous sites as Twyfelfontein rock engravings, spectacular rock paintings as the White Lady and the Petrified Forest. And yet you will find desert elephants and other animals as well as amazing plants surviving in this dryland.

Caprivi Strip, Namibia’s pan-handle is a relatively unknown tourist area where you get the feeling of truly being alone with nature. Chobe and Zambezi rivers bring plenty of water and the National Parks have plenty of game, some unknown to the rest of country.

Namibia’s south is vast and sparcely populated. Highlights like the town of Lüderitz and its ghost town Kolmanskoppe, where glittering diamonds were collected in the moonlight or the spectacular Fish River Canyon make it well worth the drive.

We look forward to welcoming you to our unique country and to introduce you to more wonderful places.

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