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Unspoiled, undeveloped and untamed: Mozambique with its rugged, creamy coastline met by world-class coral reefs, primed for swimming, snorkeling and sailing is fast-emerging. Luxury-lusters will delight in the string of exclusive private islands in the archipelagos of Bazaruto where white sands seemingly melt into the translucent Indian Ocean. True African culture immerses all the senses in the capital Maputo that is lined with crumbling colonial antiquities and fading Art Deco glory.

Maputo is the laid-back capital with a decideldy urban vibe. A mix of palm-lined streets, elegant promenades with ritzy villas, once-grand colonial buildings, concrete Russian-style buildings and plenty of live music, bars and sophisticated restaurants.

Bazaruto islands are a part of the archipelago where beaches spill into the progressively deepending shades of emerald. Eco-luxury and boutique hotels offer world-class diving, snorkelling, dolphin watching in a nature that is dense with frangipani and tropical birds.

Marine Reserves of the Quimbras archipelago are full of mangroves, coastal forest. Thrivinig coral make it one large biodiversity hot-spot teeming with marine and land-based wildlife.

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique country and to introduce you to more wonderful places.

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